Foodventure: Fat Fook

Knowing me, I have loved using the app Zomato for our occasional food trips around the Metro or even when we are heading outside Manila. It’s an app that helps you discover food places in a certain area that you are in or want to go to. It’s such a convenience for me and my friends!

I’ve been literally craving for dimsum for weeks so I decided that me and my brother try out a new place to eat and to our surprise we happened to pass by this fancy looking restaurant at the UG floor of SM North EDSA, Fat Fook is a Taiwanese restaurant that serves street food and traditional dishes on their menu. 

Fat – big
Fook – a Chinese word for luck

Before our orders arrived, I had the chance to fully observe the restaurant and I love the ambiance of the place, personally I haven’t been to Taiwan yet but coming here made me feel the culture plus they were playing some of my favorite Taiwanese songs from their shows way back!!! Talk about feels!

The interior was absolutely beautiful, I felt like we were in Taiwan without splurging a lot of money. The first that we tried is their Iced Tea (P98), it was great, me being a lover of iced teas I had my fair share of dislike to some but this one is sooo good not too sweet just the right flavor. My brother actually brought that up to me when he tasted it.

Then these arrived!!!!!! It’s my first time trying Pork Xiao Long Bao (P198), I have to be honest I had mixed feelings towards this because it somehow tasted like Tinola maybe because of its gingery taste that threw me off but I still liked it! I’ll definitely order this again when we go back. 

Of course we had to have a rice dish, Taiwan Style Fried Rice (P258) which I think can be eaten all by itself because it already has egg and chorizo/sausage in it. It was absolutely delicious! I think the serving is good for 2-3 people. One of the best sellers that you have to try!

My favorite out of them all! This Chicken Chop (P238) was so flavorful and crunchy and everything I was looking for in my fried chicken. The flavor was so delicious that I wanted to ask the chef what’s the recipe for this dish. You have to try this!

The last one that arrived in our table was this Pan Fried Buns (P148) it’s like siopao but a bit fancy and sumptuous! I had to order another batch and take home for my grandparents.

Our experience in Fat Fook was great! The service was fast and the staffs were very accomodating. Fun fact; all the price of their items on their menu ends in 8 because it’s the lucky number in Taiwan! I don’t know a lot of Taiwanese restaurants but if you’re looking for something new and want to experience authentic Chinese dishes be sure to head out and got to Fat Fook! Every bite is something to look forward to.

Service – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 5/5
Food – 4.8/5
Affordability – 4/5




Foodventure: Rby’s Steak and Shake

Hey guys!

This is my first ever #Foodventure post on my blog! I hope you enjoy it.


So yesterday my friend and I decided to go to the very famous Maginhawa Food Park and oh my there were a lot of restaurants and cute food places there to hang out with your friends or just chill all by yourself. One day isn’t enough to go through that place and of course we didn’t go to different places yesterday because it was already getting dark so we decided to just pick out the first place that will catch our eyes’ attention because we didn’t know where to go. After 5 minutes of driving, this American themed place caught our attention:

Rby’s Steak and Shake – 80 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City.


The ambiance of the place was great, it was raining that time so it added a little mood to the set-up. Inside you can really feel that you’re inside a U.S. food place, the interior was phenomenal..

Photo from Zomato


The food in the menu were affordable, they serve burgers, cheese steaks, fries and milkshakes. My friend and I ordered:


Phillies Burger with thick cut fries170 php


Simply Hotdog with thick cut fries – 120 php


Nutella Milkshake – 175 php

All in all, it was a great place if you love burgers and milkshakes. We had a fun time staying there and the crew were all friendly and nice. 🙂

I highly recommend their Nutella milkshake it’s the bomb! I will surely go back here soon.


If you also love food adventures, comment down below some of the places you love to visit to dine & eat and maybe I could visit them too anytime soon 🙂