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How To Fake A Life On Social Media

Hey there! I want to let you know that I’ll be posting content like this on my blog from now on. The title itself might be a little bit clickbait-y! 

To be honest this post isn’t about me teaching you how to fake a life on social media. This is me telling you how you can live authentically through it.

It’s true that so many social media platforms has been dominating the scene lately and years before that. Technology has its ups and downs but I have to admit that creating these platforms has changed millions of lives whether in good or bad ways. Living through the screens of your phones, telling how your day has been by clicking that post button and showing people how you’re living your life right this very moment. I’ll be breaking down the good and the bad. 

Aesthetics is the thing

I love looking at aesthetics, getting inspiration from different people and learning a thing or two about them. I have seen people trying to recreate things that they see on Pinterest or Tumblr. But I can see how it took a different turn for others, pressuring yourself to be as good as the person in one of those photos or even trying so hard to get the things that you know aren’t even that important just for the sake of the “gram” or to please your audience. If that’s the case, “You need to wake up now!”

Don’t let the numbers get into your head

Having a huge following is an awesome achievement right? In some cases yes but in others no because it’s affecting their mental health. The feeling of sadness envelopes them if they are losing followers or even if they have only this certain amount of followers. Being obsessed with numbers won’t get you anywhere instead focus on the content that you want to share with people.

Comparing your life with others isn’t going to help you, trust me

I know we’ve been all through this stage. Jealousy is the ugliest trait as Keri Hilson said. Comparing what you have with others will only bring you down because you’re only focusing on the things that you don’t have rather than appreciating what you own. We are all unique, different and one of a kind. Don’t envy a life that wasn’t meant for you.

Stressing about perfection only leads to having bad mental health

I know some of us won’t acknowledge our mental health or even the issues that we’re having. Stress, anxiety and depression are only a few of those things that hide behind those smiling icons. People always strive to live a perfect life on social media but it somehow affects them and the people around them. It’s not healthy pretending to be somebody that you’re not.

Try social media detox

If you’re feeling a little bit stressed or you think everything in your life isn’t in the right place. Like being swallowed in by the dark side of your accounts, it’s always a good thing to try turning off your notifications or rather try having a social media detox. You can easily search about this on the internet, where in you’ll be following certain time period on how long you would like to detoxify your life. Yes, NO SOCIAL MEDIA. You’ll thank yourself later!

These are a few things that I’ve realized all throughout the years I’ve spent on social media. It can totally make or break you. You don’t have to try so hard to make your life look picture perfect. You don’t have to tell yourself that you need to do “this” and “that” just to consider yourself being happy. Reality bites but it’s better to live in it than to fake a life you never really have.

Living the best life doesn’t come in squares nor the number of likes. It’s how you appreciate every little thing that life has given you. No matter how big or small that is, it’s always up to you to find your happiness in it. 

21 thoughts on “How To Fake A Life On Social Media

  1. Looking forward to more of these Nicka. 🙂 you pretty much sum up my thoughts about SM. I do SM detox every now and then too, to help me focus and do more.

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  2. Love this post! You have some great tips on here and comparison is something we all struggle with and definitely A tough one to combat in my experience! It does help though to remind myself that being jealous does nothing but bring negative energy towards me! Social media detox are so important as well! Great post! xx

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  3. Very on point, Nicka. 💙 My number one reason for unfollowing some bookstagrammers is because they’re too caught up in numbers, like they’re always updating their stories with things like “I’ve been losing so many followers”, “my posts aren’t doing great” and sometimes even feeling very sorry (like it’s a crime) when they haven’t been posting (I mean, they can’t even embrace the importance of having a social media break). Thank you for this post, Nicka. It is a very important topic!

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  4. Damn this is brilliant! I’m going to be quoting “Don’t envy a life that wasn’t meant for you” a lot. I don’t mind not having many followers, I’d rather grow at my own pace. I sometimes think having lots of followers could be more stressful because you feel obliged to always show your presence and reply to people etc. It’s good to take a break though! xx

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    1. Thank you for reading this Megan! ♥️ same here I agree that having lots of followers can be stressful for people. It’s always a must to take breaks so we can regain our strength and drive to write and do more. ✨

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