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Tips for New and Aspiring Bloggers

In blogging, I was never alone and it became my home. Here I felt like I am accepted for who I am and it harnessed my love for writing. It became a huge part of my life and I’m proud to say that it changed me for the better.

I recently received messages asking me for tips about blogging. Being a blogger for 3 years now, I may or may not have the best pieces of advice I can give but I’ll try my best! These are no technical steps but more of a whole understanding of blogging based on my perspective. I hope this can help you with your new endeavor.

Planning to launch your blog?

If you haven’t launched your blog and still customizing it. Take your time. To be honest, your first blogging days/weeks might not be great. You’ll feel that nobody is reading your blog because you have no followers with the same niche as you.

My advice is to communicate and follow bloggers that interests you and you feel that might get interested in your future posts. Make friends and interact with them. It’s also good if you establish a good social media following so it can help you boost your blog views. You have to decide on which social media platform you’ll use to promote your blog. 

Just launched your blog?

Give yourself a pat on the back for launching your new blog. You’re on your road to success.

I personally started posting on my blog without any followers! I mostly publish for myself, then in time, I started to share my blog with my followers. The secret is to continue on writing and posting and using the tags on your blog. There are so many ways to promote your recent posts. You can tweet about it or post it on Instagram, anything goes as long as there is a reader out there that will eventually find your blog their safe haven.

You just started your blog, it’s not going to be a hit overnight! Relax.

Find your niche

I know at first, you will be all over the place when it comes to your own blogging style and your niche. If you have everything figured out beforehand? Good for you. But let’s be honest 75% (not the real stat) of new bloggers doesn’t have any idea what they will become in the long run.

Don’t worry if you don’t know your niche yet, a few trial and errors can help. Know what inspires you the most and surround yourself with the things that make you feel happy. For me, I’m a bit of everything. I like trying different things once in a while. I started as a book blogger sharing my reviews and hauls then I decided to do restaurant/food reviews, travel and also lifestyle. I thoroughly enjoy writing motivational and inspiring articles because I know it will somehow help someone out there who’s struggling. You can try whatever you like, don’t pressure yourself just to be in a single genre, explore and grow together with your growing followers. It’s never too late to find your passion.

Write down your ideas

How often do we have ideas slipped through our minds? We all have those moments when our ideas just pop out in the most unexpected time. When we are out in the streets, at school or even at work. So if ever an idea comes to your mind make sure you bring a pen and notebook with you. You can even use your phone if you please. For me, whenever I have unexpected moments happening, I always grab my phone and write my notes for future reference in case it might turn into a blog post. This happens to me a lot.

Know your audience and what they like to read

We create our blogs based on different reasons; personal, entertainment or business, etc.

It’s hard to find the right audience when you’re just starting but sooner or later you’ll eventually gain readers. To know your audience more, be sure to communicate with your readers. It may be a way to know what they prefer. In return to grow your audience, commenting on other blogger’s posts and following blogs that interests you can be a great help to meet new people.

Post consistently

This can be an issue if you have a busy schedule but of course, if you want to grow your blog stats posting consistently is a must. Though if you’re feeling the pressure to post every day or every other day, work a schedule that fits your personal schedule. Don’t push yourself to blog daily if it isn’t your thing or you might burn out of ideas and get demotivated. Just breathe my dear. Blogging is not about how many posts you have nor followers.

Communicate with other bloggers

Communication is key. Get out there and meet new people, your blog isn’t going to grow if you just lurk on someone’s blog without talking to them. The great thing about blogging is you have the chance to make friends from around the world. Discovering their stories through their posts and understanding their perspectives. I have met great people in the blogging community that inspires me more to continue on with blogging.

Here are more things you should consider:

  1. You have to invest in something you want to grow. Make time for your blog.
  2. Blogging is never an easy task but it’s an A-Z process or maybe more.
  3. You don’t need those fancy gadgets to start blogging. Content is what matters most.
  4. As a new blogger, we are never exempted from making mistakes. It’s okay, you’ll learn from it.
  5. If you reached demotivation, take a break.
  6. Success is never earned overnight.

Welcome to the blogging community!

You are now somewhat prepared to face the world of blogging. Enjoy it and make the most out of it.


23 thoughts on “Tips for New and Aspiring Bloggers

  1. And in the end, if you want to create a blog, just create one. Don’t think about what others would say. Write because that’s what you love doing and that is what makes you happy 🙂

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  2. These are some amazing tips, Nicka! I’m officially “relaunching” my blog tomorrow & kind of working on rebranding at the moment… I previously had an bookish blog & never really posted about anything else, but my life has been changing & I’m moving to making it a lifestyle blog! So this post is timely & encouraging for me.

    Thanks! Xx

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I’ve been blogging on and off for several years now, but having recently set to be dedicated to it this is incredibly helpful. Sometimes even just being reminded of the simple things can be so important!xx

    Liked by 4 people

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