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Rad Women Worldwide | A Review + Short Discussion


Title: Rad Women Worldwide: Artists and Athletes, Pirates and Punks, and Other Revolutionaries Who Shaped History
Written by: Kate Schatz
Illustrated by: Miriam Klein Stahl
Published: September 27th 2016 by Ten Speed Press
My Rating: 4/5 stars



Rad Women Worldwide is a collection of 40 stories of the most influential trailblazers in history. Women. Sharing a gist of their stories that show their bravery and strength. My journey of discovering all RAD women out there doesn’t stop here. This is just the beginning.

From the first page down to the last, this book was an empowering and informative read that everyone needs. Seeing a lot of pressing issues and conflicts we are facing up until this generation. I cannot help but wonder, these women were able to stand up not only for themselves but also for their people/country at what cost? For peace, to be able to fight for their rights and what they believe in. It’s clear that they have changed the course of history.

“You can be who you want to be. Fight for what is right and never let your freedom be taken away from you.” – Nicka Jerao

We are no stranger to the fact that women were treated as something less of value in the past. As sad as it can be, it’s still in the eyes of others. There should be no labels to be looked upon; sexuality, religion, race & etc.

This book will open your eyes to the glorious things these women have done for their country not knowing that it has a great effect on the rest of the world today. When you realize it, even though that it means they could risk their lives they were eager to do it for the greater good. It truly embodies the strength and courage of these women across the world. Let those stereotypes die and get buried with all the success all the women out there have achieved. We cannot be tamed, we cannot be put down by people who think that we are less than them.

Let this book spark the interest of others to share what these amazing women did. Take a part of it and let it inspire you to be the change that you’re looking for.

 “To speak up and stand up for their people. She celebrated her flaws, her fears, her country and her desires and she did it beautifully.”

To speak up is to be able to tell the world your own opinion, though not every one of us can do so. We shut ourselves and become comfortable being a wallflower. That should not be the case, learn to express what you feel, what you know and what you believe in. Don’t be afraid of what other people will say about you. Let them understand every decision you make, you’re doing it for you, not for them. Learn to say no! It’s okay to say NO to someone and say YES to your own needs.

“A world without war, a night without bombs, a school without guns, a day without gangs, A chance. A home. A life.”

It would be lovely if you could share any remarkable stories of those amazing women you know; may it be your neighbor, a family neighbor or even yourself. We all deserve the recognition of being a woman and being a part of the change that this world needs.


21 thoughts on “Rad Women Worldwide | A Review + Short Discussion

  1. What an amazing post! I saw this book when I was shopping and looking through it a bit. It’s a beautiful message. A lot of women in my life are exceptional, they’ve taught me to fight for opportunities, to not let anyone make me feel less important than I am

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  2. This sounds excellent I love empowering reads like this! I come from a family of strong women, those who stuck by their principles, cared for others unconditionally and who chased their dreams and studied in their 40s to change careers

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  3. being one with a penchant for womxn empowerment, i really must add this to my to-read list. great review, very eye-opening notes, too. 💕 i look forward to sharing my own thoughts of this when i read it.

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  4. What an inspiring book! I haven’t read it but your review is wonderful and makes me want to know more about it, thank you for sharing. It’s so important to preserve the history of our milestones in our world, and never forget the brave people who were willing to lose everything to make change!

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  5. I love this! I should have a read! I have been thinking about self-esteem and assertiveness. I love the theme of female empowerment and being able to say no and staying true to who you are. It would be great to celebrate all the women that have made an impact in history xxx

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