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A Netflix Show Made Me Write This

It was one of those days, I just got off of work. Laying in my bed, contemplating what should I do with my time, so I started scrolling through the endless list of shows on Netflix. Then just a random poster of a show with a cake caught my attention. How weird right? Maybe I was just craving for some cake and I thought this show may satisfy my cravings. It did but in a different way.

Chef’s Table, it was one of Netflix’s documentary series. Each episode of the series profiles a single world-renowned chef. It showcases all their hardships and experiences in the culinary scene.

Volume 4: Pastry – Christina Tosi


giphy (2).gif

Kinda odd that I started from the very last episode. But I was familiar with Christina’s work, I used to watch Mater Chef and see her there do her magic with pastries. We actually have both in common, I love pastries! Anything that is sweet, I’m down for it. I remember when I was little, I used to dream of being a pastry chef. Watching TLC, Nigella Express and Cake Boss have deeply inspired me to cook but honestly, I don’t cook. After watching this episode of Chef’s Table I realized a lot with what Christina Tosi said.

I was inspired by how hard she worked for what she has now. Christina didn’t hesitate to do what she was passionate about. She moved to New York got a job in a restaurant which she wanted and harnessed her craft. Though there were times when she forgot where she’s heading or what she even wanted. But in the end, she learned how to zoom out and see the bigger picture of life.

“How something so menial could drive someone so greatly.”

We could relate to how lost she felt back then, right? Christina was brave enough to take a step further and chose what she wanted to do. To be honest, we sometimes follow in the footsteps of our parents/relatives or someone we admire. We have to graduate with straight A’s or graduate in a certain degree that would make your family proud. But the question is, are you happy? Is this really you? Don’t be afraid to admit it. We often times hide the fact that we’re doing something that doesn’t represent who we really are. They say that what you’re passionate about is just a hobby you do after work and when you have free time. It’s not going to be rainbows and rays of sunshine, but it’s in that moment where things are a little lighter on your shoulders. Life’s too short to worry too much about what other people think. Do this for you. Maybe you took that degree in college because your parents wanted what’s best for you. There’s no need to feel guilty about it, that you’re not living to their expectations. I know it’s hard but this is your life, my friend. You gotta live it the way you want it. You know what’s going to be best for you. You’re allowed to be whom you want to be and no one has the right to tell you differently.

“The first (five-ten) years of your job you’ll work as someone else’s soldier.”

With everyday work, we lose our motivation. I know you wanna get out there because you feel suffocated with work or even your workmates. It’s never gonna be easy. You’ll rarely get your say about anything until you proven yourself worthy, that’s the truth. These are the times where you will ponder on how your life will continue if you put your suit, walk straight to your office and face the computer for the entire day talking to strangers who you will never ever meet. Then a little voice in your head will say, “Where is this gonna get me?” Do something that will excite you, even if you do it every single day for the rest of your life. You don’t want to live in a world with missed opportunities.

“F the world, it’s mine for the taking.”

Always remember, you don’t owe anything to anybody. Be free and fearless. Get that job you’ve always wanted and do that thing that you’re scared about. You only have this life, live it for you. It’s your life, you get the final say. Take every opportunity that comes your way, take risks, make mistakes and most importantly learn.


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