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So here it is, my ginormous book haul! Which by the way I bought from the month of July to September. I don’t know why but I went a little bit crazy, I just bought a total of 56 books which doesn’t include the book that I bought for my little brother (coz he loves to read too).Oh I didn’t buy all of these books, some of them were sent to me by authors for review and some are prizes that I’ve won from  giveaways. YAY! Without further adieu, let’s get started…

ARCs (Advance Readers Copy) & Books sent by authors

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I was just looking for authors who were giving out free ARCs of their book, I just got lucky that the author of Omega Lizzy Ford was giving out copies for bloggers to review.

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People around Bookstagram had been raving about this book, luckily our local bookstore was having a contest on twitter and guess what? I joined and i won this advance readers copy of Dumplin by Julie Murphy.

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I know nothing about this book, this is my second prize in the giveaway our local bookstore was sponsoring. Infinite in between by Carolyn Mackler

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This was sent to me by the author, Amy Finnegan, for review. I can’t wait to read it!

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This book was sent by the author for review, and my review is now available here in my blog. Click here 🙂 I LOVE THIS BOOK!!


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So I got these books randomly, I just thought that it  might be cool if I read other genres aside from YA and contemporary. Well for me, I pretty much enjoy books that are not popular or hyped because I can freely share my opinion about it. Oh there’s a classic by Jane Austen!

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This is a shocker! I never thought that I would buy this series, EVER! I just think that I’m pretty satisfied with the whole movie trilogy that’s why I’ve been avoiding to buy it. Plus it’s not available in the popular bookstores here, I only bought it in a used-bookstore for only $6 for the whole trilogy! Hooray for that, I’m so happy that I finally have the copy of these books. 🙂

Books that i bought online

So here in the Philippines, some bookworms sell their used books via Instagram and we can easily transact with them by doing meet-ups. They sell their books at a very cheap price and the books are in good condition too.

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Got these beauties for a very low price, $4 only! I have been eyeing Stolen for a very long time and thank god  I found an online shop where I can buy it for an affordable price and I saw The Boy Next Door and I knew that I had to have it too.

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Lately, I’ve been addicted to Booktube and some of my favs raved about Beauty Queens by Libba Bray so I instantly thought, I GOTTA HAVE IT!!  And I also saw The Distance Between Us by Kasie West was on sale too, so I had to buy both of it.

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I was so happy that I found an online shop where the owner sells her used ARCs, so I had to buy these books! Some of the newer titles were sold out 😦


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I’m studying at a university and every July they are host an event for students to join and participate in different booths and seminars, I never thought that the Political Science booth would have a book sale! I immediately run through the crowd and went straight to the book section because they were on sale!! I LOVE BOOK SALES


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So I have been collecting these series for a very lobg time now I guess since I was in highshool. I really love horror stories especially when it’s all about urban legends and folklore. I got lucky that I have a friend that was going to MIBF and I asked her if she could buy me books from this publishing house so i can finally complete my collection. She was the kindest!


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My final haul for this month! I seriously went crazy because books were on sale for 20-50% off. Finally got the books that I’ve been dying to read, I was planning to buy more books but I had school projects that needs to be financed first.. Now I can say that I am really in a BOOK BUYING BAN until December! IT’S FINAL.

I hope you enjoy my collective book haul, I seriously need to start reading. I have a ton of books piled up on my TBR list, and I promised that I need to bring my TBR list to 0 by 2016. How do you keep track on your to-be-read list?



8 thoughts on “BOOK HAUL

  1. Great haul Nicka! You got some really great books these last few months! I’m excited to see some of my favourite books in your haul – My Life Next Door, Fangirl, Ari and Dante!

    And congrats on your giveaway wins. They’re books that have had so much hype and I really hope you enjoy them! 🙂

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